The context of the project/background:
The collaborators of the Szegedi Szakképzési Centrum Móravárosi Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája have decided after the analysis of necessities about the development of the motivation toolbox between 2018-2020 within an international mobility project. Based on the analysis the school needs methodological reinforcement
1. motivating students in school tasks,
2. strengthening teachers’ intrinsic motivation,
3. arousing students’ motivation toward participation in students ‘scholar public life.
The number of participants and professional background:
Among our previous partners known during other international collaboration projects we have enlisted to participate in the program those, who considered challenging the motivation of their students and they intend to extend their motivational knowledge despite having experience in this field. The project is about the presentation of good practices by every partner institute in the spirit of reciprocal knowledge sharing, which will be useful and incorporated. Secondary schools collaborating with the coordinator institute: the Icelandic Verkmenntaskoli Austurlands, the Norwegian Odda vidaregåande skule/ Odda upper secondary school, the Italian Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Roncalli”, the Croatian Gospodarska skola and the Slovenian Gimnazija Celje – Center.
Main steps of the realisation:
The duration of the project is 24 months, during which the partner institutions work in two main forms of work.
1. During the mobility they visit each other’s school to observe the motivational good practices of the host institute and gain experience. These methods are: classroom observations, workshops, creative days, sports days, project days, film clubs, drama clubs, round-table discussions, team building and experiential trainings, and eTwinning workshops, courses, lectures, use of web 2.0 and ICT devices , Peer Education, Flipped Classroom.
2. Then, collaborators participated in the activities of the mobility project after each international meeting presents at their school what they have heard, the most important organizational issues, the schedule of the project, the institutional work necessary for the realization, extend the methodological toolbox of the institution, and in the context of dissemination held motivational day for the collaborators involved in the project. After the direct knowledge takes place in their institute the practical part of testing and application of what have been learnt. Next the good practices which may be incorporated will be implemented into the motivational methodological toolbox of the institute.
Short description of the expected results:
Partner institutes get to know, learn and adapt (incorporate into the educational methods) the international partners’ motivational good practices in the field of the personal and community motivation of the students and teachers, expanding the motivational methodological toolbox of the partner-and their school and the contemporary motivational toolbox of the Students’ Union, and each institute expand their own motivational good practices. Reconsidering the motivation topic, having a global view of the system and besides the deeper knowledge of the elements of the complex subject also the prevention of the Burn-out syndrome is required. As a result of the project we expect that personal motivation of teachers involved in the project and of members of the Students ‘Union will increase; each teacher get acquaintance with at least 80% of the motivational methods collected in the project and will use more than half of them in their daily work. Because of the contemporary motivation of the Students’ Union and of the teachers’ motivation, students become more motivated in order to achieve better results in their studies, to be active participants of the school life, this will lead to the diminution of school dropout.
Presentation of the short- and long-term effects of the project :
On short-term as a result of the project we expect:
– Leaders of the school learning new methods which help them to prevent teachers’ burn-out and maintain their motivation,
– in the field of motivation learnt new practices will be incorporated into the daily practise of the institute,
– pedagogical motivational toolbox of the institute will be expanded with at least 15 methods, the motivational methodology of the Students” Union will be expanded by at least 5 new methods.
At institutional level- due to the professional dissemination (methodological days organised for teachers and members of the S.U. from institutes having similar profile)-the positive long-term effect of the project is the growing group cohesion and the standard of education of the city/region.
At social level, the project contributes in the longterm to reducing unemployment and improving the job-creation and home-creation potential of young people.